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I Can’t

I can’t talk to my kids about another school shooting. I can’t weep into my coffee as I’m watching the news. I can’t discuss who is at fault for having or not having gun control legislation one more time....

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My New Stitch Fix Obsession

I used to love to shop. Right now, I don’t have time and I desperately need some different clothes, especially for school. I signed up for Stitch Fix on a whim. Y’all, Stitch Fix may be my new best friend! I opened...

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Fighting Depression With A Bobcat

Yeah, that title makes about as much sense as my reference to the ESC, also known as the Extra Sensitive Chip did yesterday. Apparently prepping almost 70 Valentine’s, none of which are for my own children, is making me...

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My ESC Girl

Today is not her birthday. There is nothing special going on. Sometimes, Hanan doesn’t feel like she gets the love. She isn’t the oldest. She isn’t the first to do anything. She’s also not the last. There...

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What I Learned In Kindergarten

There are days when I come home searching for a quiet chair and a glass of wine. There are other days when I get home excited to tell Ray some great story about the kids at school, like that one time… one of my kiddos had...

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Five Years Ago

Five years ago, Arleigh was 12; Hanan was 10; Bria was 5; and Jack was four. Five years ago I was sitting at a computer lamenting on the fact that after a wonderful two weeks my Mom was headed back to the mainland. I have no...

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Pray For Marshall

Yesterday I was in a room full of sixth graders when I got a text from Ray that said, “School shooting at Marshall County High School. At least one fatality.” My heart stopped. I have friends that teach in Marshall...

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We Made It

So this Monday morning we all look a little like this… At this point I can’t even remember what Friday looked like. Something about one child being upset about call backs and basketball practice and late dinner after...

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