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We Made It

So this Monday morning we all look a little like this… At this point I can’t even remember what Friday looked like. Something about one child being upset about call backs and basketball practice and late dinner after...

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Jesus Come Soon!

Last night I went to bed thinking about Mom and the the heat in her house continually breaking, Jack asking Santa for Christmas pajamas that say, “Never Give Up,” Hanan’s auditions, washing Bria’s lucky...

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It seems as you get older, every year seems a bit harder. People we love pass away. The kids are...

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What I Told My Children This Morning

I am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been writing at all. In fact, early this weekend my fingers were itching to tap away at keys. Posts jumble around in my brain while Ray and I try to muddle through what we call...

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Long For Truth

My friends from college were in a living nightmare. I’ve mentioned their story before. Brian and Kim Long have gone through things that I can’t imagine. This story hits me close to home on so many levels. I have son...

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Our Beloved Camp Idlewild

So it has been a long week. We started it with me getting irritated with my loving adorable children for fighting with each other over… I honestly don’t remember. It was either what we planned to do that day or maybe...

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Watch This Please

If you saw my post yesterday, you need to see this. If you didn’t read my post there is no need of the back button. You can find it here. If you still need prompting for why I am so upset, There’s this. I am still so...

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