Yesterday we were at Camp Idlewild to swim. Today, school is back! Poor Hanan, last year I cried when I dropped Arleigh off. This year, there is so much going on… Hanan was somehow on a bus schedule instead of parent pick up, I was worried with paperwork and didn’t have time to get upset.

Both girls were really happy about school. Hanan is finally in kindergarten. This is the first year that she’s been gone every day. Arleigh made the leap to first grade and all day at school. We kept waiting for some sort of nervous reaction about being at school all day or paying for her lunch. It never happened. She seemed to be more concerned for Hanan finding Mrs. King and room #7. She took Hanan to her class. According to Hanan, Arleigh’s teacher, Mrs. Eavey, welcomed Arleigh to school. Arleigh said that she needed to help her sister but she would be right back. I hope one day that realize what champions they have in each other. Hanan returns the favor often by killing bugs for Arleigh or trying to determine how scary things might be.

Hanan also started piano today. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures. Our camera isn’t working when you need a flash. She was great. She wanted to write all her answers in her theory book instead of talking with her teacher. I told Miss J’Nelle that by Christmas she probably won’t be able to make her shut up. It takes Hanan a little while to warm up. Once she does, it’s nonstop.

We’re looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow. We’ll be enjoying this first week without homework. Our school year will really kick in next week.