We entered the screaming frenzied world that is Hannah Montana last night at the 3-D viewing of the Best of Both Worlds tour. I brought the camera but forgot to take pictures. You can picture it in your head pretty well. Arleigh and Hanan were decked out in their denim and new Hannah Montana t-shirts. (Thank you Wal-Mart. I knew there had to be something there besides long lines. I could pass out at the price of those t-shirts at Macy’s.)

The show was sold out. I stood in line with every little girl this side of the tunnel waiting to make a run for our seats. Arleigh and Hanan were great even though we had to wait 30 minutes for the show to start. I refused to buy popcorn or drinks out of a great fear of losing my girls in a sea of Hannah Montana wigs or losing our seats if we managed to make it back.

The show was okay. I liked the Dad’s High-Heel Derby. The best part was watching the girls, especially Hanan. She thought the Jonas Brothers were actually blowing their kisses straight to her. Arleigh actually watched something in 3-D which is amazing by its self. She hasn’t liked 3-D since she was two and we went to see A Bugs Life at Animal Kingdom. Yes, she remembers….

Ray had a pretty great night with Bria. They strolled the mall and enjoyed Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. He said they people watched. He was a little horrified at the teenage girls shopping on a school night with their Dooney and Burke purses and cell phones. I think he’s worried about 7-8 years from now.

We had a great GNO. (Girls’ Night Out in Hannah Montana language or maybe Miley sings that one. I can’t keep it straight.) Arleigh was so excited to tell me that Kenny Ortega was the tour director and he also directed the High School Musicals. Yep. We’re in trouble…