At some point I’m probably going to regret sharing this story. On the other hand, the way my kids talk everyone will hear about it eventually so who cares? You can tell I am in the I have a baby therefore I have no pride phase of motherhood…

Since we brought Bria home from the hospital Ray has a customary response every time she gets upset. He simply yells from where ever he’s currently at, “Bria wants some titty, Mama!” …I know. It’s great.

It didn’t take very long for Arleigh and Hanan to catch on to this customary response. For every whine, whimper and all out tantrum. It did however get changed to their version, “Bria wants some twitty Mama!”

We all now call milk twitty. It’s the new catch phrase. I’m sure it will be sweeping the nation very soon. In fact it’s so bad Arleigh was talking to my mom on the phone this morning and I heard, “Bria was talking. Now she want’s some twitty. Do you know what twitty is Grandma?” Then to my horror she explained… “It’s Mama’s boob. That’s where she gets her milk.” I’m hoping no one at school has to hear this discussion.