We have not seen the Deviney family since April 2001 I think. That’s a long time. Jeff has been in town for a class. We were lucky enough to catch up with him on his last night here.

So much can change in 7 years. Arleigh was Bria’s age when they left Iceland. Heather was pregnant with Jared. They have since added Ethan. The biggest change was Jeff. I remember him as a guy who would only drink Dr. Pepper and Coors Light. I don’t think I ever saw him eat a vegetable that wasn’t a potato. Boy has he changed. Last night he drank Yuengling and water.

Our taste has changed too. We eat some many more salads and grilled vegetables than we used to eat. I haven’t seen Jeff in so long, we had steak and mashed potatoes to be on the safe side. I also had grilled corn and a salad that has strawberries and blue cheese. Jeff ate it all! I didn’t expect salad to touch his plate. He had seconds. I’ll have to post the recipe for the strawberry salad. There are only a few people who could understand my state of shock.

Anyway, it was really nice to catch up with Jeff. His family is on the west coast, in the middle of a move. I miss being able to just hang out like we did in Iceland. I wish Heather and boys had been here to play too.

I didn’t get any new pictures of Jeff. He hasn’t changed at all. This picture was from a trip we took to Scotland in 2000. That was another great time. I was pregnant with Arleigh. Ray driving a stick on the wrong side of the road… the castles… I had so much fun going through the pictures looking for one with Jeff. That’s a post for another day.

Fair winds and following seas Jeff. I hope it’s not another 7 years.