That darn tunnel… the bridge lifted on my way to drop Arleigh and Hanan off to play with Nicolas while I was at a doctor’s appointment. There was no way for me to get to the hospital on time without taking the girls with me. 

If you can only imagine, the girls were ready for an afternoon of running through sprinklers. They looked like white trash. Wet, scraggly hair from swim lessons, Hanan was in her new pink and floral bathing suit with white and blue floral shorts. Arleigh had clothes wrinkled from swim lessons that looked about 2 sizes too big. Bria was clean and neat because I was prepared to take her with me. Ray was supposed to meet me there. 
So there I am, me and my little rednecks, checking in…no Daddy in sight. They take me back, and start asking questions…”When was your last cycle, Mrs. Stiff?” Then comes the biggie…”How many pregnancies is this?” It took Arleigh about 2.5 seconds to realize why I was at the doctor at the hospital. “You’re having an ultrasound today.” did me in. 
That’s right Stiff number 4 is on the way. Because it’s already been asked, yes we did plan this little blessing. No, we don’t think we are crazy but feel free to ask us again in March. The due date is currently March 7th. Grandma is already thinking about her plane tickets and worrying about driving to and from piano and soccer. We are only about 7 weeks. This is way too early to announce but the girls are already making phone calls.
Oh, Ray made it in time to escort the girls out of the room and back again in time for the ultra sound. Those good people at Portsmouth were waiting for me at check in. I love not waiting in a waiting room!
So now you know our little secret…