Wednesdays are hard on my girls. They leave for school at 8:10 every morning. On Wednesday’s they leave at that same time and generally don’t get home until at least 8:30 at night.

On those Wednesday afternoons I have to pick them up at school and drive directly to church where I work until the Military Ministry dinner starts at 6. Since they go to lunch so early (Hanan starts at 10:55) they are ravenous when I pick them up. Most Wednesdays I have snacks waiting for them in the van but occasionally I have been spoiling them rotten with milkshakes. Yesterday was one of those days.

Bria gets deprived on those milkshake days. I might let her lick my straw or get a spoon for her once we get to the building. Most of the time a few little drops is all she gets. Yesterday, she made a new discovery. Arleigh wasn’t doing a good job of finishing hers off so she gave some to Bria. I was just starting to say, “Honey, she doesn’t know how…” when I noticed that Bria was close to Brain Freeze and had no desire to get go of that straw. Guess I wasn’t giving her enough credit. A vanilla shake was all the motivation she needed to figure out what to do for that great satisfaction.