What a night! That’s all I can say. As you can see, Ray and I dressed as Shrek and Fiona. We had 3 superheros in tow. This was our first big event of the Halloween season.

Our friends the Cuthrell’s hosted a Halloween party. It was amazing. Dinner was great. Then there were all sorts of activities for the kids. There was a wishing well, a gypsy telling fortunes from a fish bowl, apple bobbing, and an alien autopsy. At the end of the night there was an impromptu Dancing With The Horrors contest for the adults. Believe it or not, Ray and I won. I don’t know if it was his messed up centipede or the sympathy vote that did it. Either way, we had fun.

I can’t begin to describe the costumes. Tom and Rachel Hubert probably should have won hands down with their vampire and wicked witch routine. Then there was Lorenzo as a banana and his daughter Victoria dressed as a monkey. I can’t forget Robert as a nun and Rachel as the pope. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had with that. Unfortunately I don’t have room for many more pictures.

It was so much fun. The kids loved it. I can’t wait for next year…maybe I need to work on my running man.