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Month: October 2008

Jessa Joy

We have had a couple of days to think about this post. It doesn’t really make it any easier now that I’m typing. On Oct. 9th we went for our ultrasound. We were excited to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. In true Stiff fashion, we weren’t without drama. Hanan was sick. We thought she was over it but she managed to get sick on the way into the hospital. Someone’s poor jeep will never be the same. So…we weren’t in a great mindset already. Unfortunately, it took about 15 minutes to understand that things were very wrong. No one could find a heartbeat. I won’t bore you with the details. We checked and rechecked. I asked for second opinions and asked as many questions as I could. I prayed and tried to will a little thump on that screen. Unfortunately, she was gone. That evening I was admitted to the hospital to a back room were I was poked and prodded to make sure we could try and find some answers. Then they induced me. I’m so thankful that my Mom caught a direct flight out of Nashville. She stayed with the girls. Ray stayed with me. I delivered a little girl at about 3 a.m. on Oct. 10th. She weighed 7 ounces and was almost 10 inches long. We got to see...

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Adoption For All

We have close friends who are adopting from China. I’m constantly amazed at the patience they have. At one point, I was looking into adopting from Guatemala which is no longer a possibility, not just because we are going to have four of our own rugrats. You can’t get a child from Guatemala right now because they are not Hague compliant. Please consider going to this website and signing a petition to Ask Congress to Hold USCIS Accountable for Implementing the Hague Law as Written and Intended by Congress. Click here for more info. The deadline to sign the petition is Oct....

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Praise In The Park

Sunday we went to Praise & Worship In The Park at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It’s something our church puts on every year. We have breakfast then our worship service is held on the banks of Lake Whitehurst. We have a cookout lunch. For the rest of the day, we can enjoy the gardens. That means we walk to the World of Wonders Children’s garden and let the girls run wild. We always have so much fun. It seems like every year Ray is just home from some long trip. This year it was Cuba. He got it a little after midnight the night before. We were taking a grill so we had to get there early. He held out for a while but when Bria finally fell asleep, he decided to have a nap beside her. There is a small area where the kids can play in water. I got in trouble for this… Bria should have had shoes on even though she’s not walking. Then they told me she needed a swim diaper or clothes. I only had jeans and did not want to pull a pair of wet jeans off the child. Thanks Ruthie for the pants! We changed into Ruthie Lees pants and Bria wore herself out. Ray had to leave to take the grill home and return a rental car. We picked him up...

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Look What I Can Do!

Wednesdays are hard on my girls. They leave for school at 8:10 every morning. On Wednesday’s they leave at that same time and generally don’t get home until at least 8:30 at night. On those Wednesday afternoons I have to pick them up at school and drive directly to church where I work until the Military Ministry dinner starts at 6. Since they go to lunch so early (Hanan starts at 10:55) they are ravenous when I pick them up. Most Wednesdays I have snacks waiting for them in the van but occasionally I have been spoiling them rotten with milkshakes. Yesterday was one of those days. Bria gets deprived on those milkshake days. I might let her lick my straw or get a spoon for her once we get to the building. Most of the time a few little drops is all she gets. Yesterday, she made a new discovery. Arleigh wasn’t doing a good job of finishing hers off so she gave some to Bria. I was just starting to say, “Honey, she doesn’t know how…” when I noticed that Bria was close to Brain Freeze and had no desire to get go of that straw. Guess I wasn’t giving her enough credit. A vanilla shake was all the motivation she needed to figure out what to do for that great...

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