I said goodbye to Ray this morning and rolled over hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep. I wasn’t really thinking I would since Arleigh sounded like a cat trying to cough up a nasty hairball downstairs. I could hear Bria getting restless over the monitor but I would not be deterred. That’s when the phone rings, before 6 a.m. I’m freaking out. Who calls that early? Was there an accident? The line was dead by the time I got to the phone.

Arleigh answered it. She turned into a herd of cattle coming upstairs. Surely that would wake Bria. “No school. It’s a snow day!” Huh? I manage to get to the window. There is no snow. None. Not even a flurry. 
“We’re getting 3 inches of snow today! School is closed!” Arleigh is doing some sort of weird cough induced happy dance. Now Bria is clearly waking up hacking up her own lung.
I thought snow days meant at least snow flurries or ice. I kid you not, there is nothing. At least when I was a kid school was closed because the creeks had risen from horrible storms and the school buses couldn’t get across. I think they at least waited for a snowflake to cancel school.
If there was snow and I didn’t get 3 calls for 5, )one from Ray, one from the school to the landline, one to the cell,) I could send the girls out to enjoy it. Now the whole daily schedule must shift. My plans are ruined!
I have a thing for coupons now. K-Mart is supposed to be doubling coupons up to $3 this week. There is new grocery store with a grand opening in my neighborhood. I was bound to score some free stuff! There is also the fact that I have no coupons. I sent Ray out for a Sunday paper. The paper had no comics and no coupons. I was ill. This means a trip to the commissary for milk so I can swipe piles of coupons to go to the other stores. Ray would say that I’m wasting gas to save money. I guess I won’t be doing that today!