I spend way too much time trolling around other people’s blogs. I am a professional blurker. The good news is, it’s made me start clipping coupons to save money.  I got my first jar of totally free salsa yesterday. The bad news is, it can make you green with envy.

Seriously, have you seen some of the beautiful pictures? I saw one family’s two week vacation in a rented cottage in Hawaii. Really? Kids are perfect. They don’t take their diapers off and pee all over their cribs like mine do. They never seem to talk back or require any sort of discipline. If they are a little naughty, there’s a cute picture with a mild statement about their behavior. Really?
Have you seen the houses? There are swimming pools with waterfalls. There are several stories with 10 ft. ceilings. Everything looks brand new like it came out of the catalog. Pictures of the kitchen that never looks messy, heaven forbid a dish in the sink. There are spotless floors and no toy is out of place unless it’s in their darling toddler’s hand. 
I look like I live in a trailer park after a nasty twister when compared to some of these blogs. My vacations are to stay with family in Kentucky or to meet Grandma halfway somewhere. We take time off to camp but my kids are filthy in those pictures. They whine and cry. 
So, how do I cope? Well, Ray decides that the computer is acting funny and all my bookmarks are gone. All those beautiful blogs shiny as a new penny. I may never find them again. Right now. I don’t think I want to. 
I’m living my nice, normal blessed life. My shower needs to be cleaned. My floors need to be vacuumed and mop. There are toys right in front of me beckoning me to put them away before someone gets them out again. I have to find a library book that Hanan lost or pay a ginormous fine today. My blog induced envy is cured for about a month until I replace those old bookmarks with new ones.