That’s right, it’s time for the Not Me post. I have to say, this week I almost skipped out. I just can’t walk away from it though, glutton for punishment that I am. This week, if you participate and follow the rules, there’s a prize. Even if you don’t want to write your own Not Me’s checking out everyone else’s is so much fun. You can her post here.

So on to the Not Me’s…

I did not sit in the frozen land of Virginia while my Ray was away on a beautiful tropical island. I do not get some sort of self satisfaction knowing that even though he was in such a beautiful place he wasn’t allowed to have much fun. I didn’t laugh we he told me of his misery on that trip. It wouldn’t make a much better blog than this one, if only I could tell….

I didn’t let my kids eat junk all week just because Daddy was away and I was feeling completely horrible.

I wasn’t sick, wearing my glasses all week and the most comfortable clothes I could find. My eyes were not watery. I was not a mouth breather. I didn’t finally call a friend for an antibiotic prescription.

Finally (I saved the absolute best not me for last.) I didn’t got into the school for some last minute voluterring to have a friend ask, “Is there something going on?” I didn’t wonder what on earth she could be talking about to then have her ask, “Are you pregnant?” Oh my hell…. I did not suddenly feel bloated and wonder what on earth I must look like to her in my old pants, long sweater, glasses, runny eyes, runny nose and miserable look on my face. She did not say, “I’m not asking because you look like you’ve gained weight. You just don’t look like you feel good.” Oh my hell… I didn’t studder around not knowing how to answer and then blurt out, “It would help if my husband was home when I was ovulating!”

Yep. It wasn’t me. It must have been someone else.