I was thinking today that I am forever saying “In a minute…” to Ray and the girls. I’ll find a way to get to the laundry in a minute. I’ll fix a lunch for school in a minute. I’ll go through the 3 tons of paperwork in your buddy folder in a minute. I’ll change that diaper, grab the mail, return a phone call, respond to an email, in a minute. Eventually I”ll read a book with Bria, pick out a new memory verse, brush your hair just because. It will all happen in a minute.

Why in a minute? First because I learned not to say give me a second because my smartypants kids would demonstrate just how fast a second lasts. Then there is the fact that there is always something else pulling at me. The phone rings, the email makes that dinging sound that I just don’t want to walk away from. I am the cat that curiosity killed.

Last night something else changed in a minute. A man, not much older than us, getting ready to celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday died. He knew Ray. He was working on a project with Ray. He needed a simple surgery to repair a hernia. Somewhere in getting ready to go through the surgery, they found out he had clogged arteries. Somewhere in between a heart cath and scheduling surgery, his blood pressure dropped. In a minute, the ER workers couldn’t save him. In a minute a wife lost her husband. In a minute, a son and a daughter lost their father. It happened just that fast. We got the phone call. Ray opened his work email to start making appropriate contacts and their was an email from this gentlemen. It was all the folders of all the work for their project. The subject line read, “Just In Case…”

Today, instead of thinking about doing things in a minute, I’m remembering that I should do them just in case. Kisses are frequent, hugs come more often. I sit down and read a book, look at homework, pick out new outfits, talk with the girls about their day. How would I change things if I lived every day just in case? I think lots of things might shift. I’m going to have to think about that.

It’s made me do even more soul searching than what I’ve already done over the last six months. What does God really want for our family? What are we really suppose to accomplish? It sounds downright silly, but I wish God could add me as a friend on Facebook and then actually reply to me on my wall. Heck, I’d settle for his email address. I have lots of questions that require an open ended response. I guess I’ll have to leave it to prayer. This time I won’t be saying “In a minute.”