I have had a really bad day and it’s only about half way done. You can be getting yourself ready for that awesome post later. I need to think about all that has transpired today. Instead of whining about the events of my day, I would like to show you what I did last night.

You might remember what a horrible mother I am from the trick I played on my girls last year. You can read about it here. They had big expectations for me this year. As luck would have it, Deborah asked me to do the Operation Uplift Dinner at our church last night. Lucky me! I got to make and serve an April Fool’s dinner to 50+ people.

I served strawberry cream pie that was actually shepherd’s pie. I wasn’t really impressed with the way it turned out. The cupcakes looked better but 100 cupcakes is not something I wanted to do. The best piece was the kitty litter cake. Arleigh and Hanan were disgusted. They told me that no one would want to eat it. They were right. It was very authentic.

I had a good time making it. In the end, I was the real fool because I had to clean up this mess.