So I think I’m a middle of the road parent with the girls and television. They are allowed to watch way more than some of our friends let their kids watch and way less than most of the other kids at their school seem to watch. (That’s if Arleigh and Hanan are a reliable source.)

Here’s an example…It took me forever to let them watch Sponge Bob. When we were moving back to the states, I wasn’t used to real television. I turned Nickelodeon on while we were unpacking. Arleigh walked around the corner and said, “I’m gonna kick your butt Mama!” She was two and a half. I asked where she heard that. The funny show. It was Sponge Bob. We tried a couple of other occasions to watch it with them. I think it’s funny. It’s not humor I want my kids imitating. This year we let them watch it after discussing some of the unsavoy elements of the show. Every show has something like that though. I don’t like Lilo and Stitch right now because of the way Lilo disobeys and talks back. I digress…

Opening the gate that is Sponge Bob led to a mulitude of shows. There’s Drake and Josh and iCarly. I watch them. I’ve found questionable material but it’s really over their heads. That being said, Arleigh is getting older. She notices things now. I’m not sure I want her watching shows that focus on tweens dating. I’ve let them watch and participate in everything Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana and then High School Musical. Is iCarly really that much worse? I don’t have time to preview every episode.

Here’s the deal… iCarly has a “movie” premeiring tomorrow that “everyone” will be watching. I think that means the kids at school. Most of their friends at church would have no idea what iCarly is. The episode is titled, “iDate A Bad Boy.” Yeah. That’s right. The problem is some huge secret is going to be revealed. My girls have a full front assult moving in on their mother who happens to be a single parent this week to watch this show.

I think I’ve decided to DVR it, watch it and then if it’s okay let them watch it Sunday. I’m still not sure. Is this setting the right precident? Anyone else having any TV issues? I’ve had many friends tell me we should just get rid of TV. Are you kidding me? That’s how I get dinner ready.

I’m interested. Let me have it… Tell me about your tv habits for your kids. I can take the beating. It won’t be the first time.