So Sara over at Domestically Challenged along with 3BayBChicks and I’m Living Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humor are hosting a week long blog carnival devoted to Art. Even thought I’m feeling like a chicken with my head cut off this week, I took a second and took a couple of pictures of some favorite projects.

Arleigh just made a globe. I have to say it is probably my favorite right now if I had to pick. Hanan made me an Easter Lily that is currently on display in my kitchen window. Another of my favorites are the fish that hang from a light in our playroom. They are made from 2-liter bottles that were precut. The girls painted the inside in a rainbow theme than the tail is stapled. It’s hung on a ring tied with fishing line. They are soooo cute. Oh, look…in the picture of the fish you can see one of Hanan’s Cinderella paintings in the background.

Now, start posting some of your kids’ favorite pieces. Did I mention they have great prizes? I am not very crafty and clearly not an artist but I’ll post something I made later this week.