I need help. I can’t find a costume for Bria that I love and doesn’t cost a fortune. Last year… this is what happened.
I ordered a “Super Girl” costume. The picture showed a cute little toddler girl with tights. It came as a one piece jumper…no skirt. Even with the bow on her bald head I got to hear, “He’s so cute!” or “Oh, you finally got a boy!” Even Arleigh and Hanan were sick of it. Ray thought it was amusing because it annoyed me to no end. She was Super Girl because her sisters were Wonder Woman and Bat Girl. This year, they refuse to match.

So I could do this…Or I could do this. But you should know. I hate this with a double passion.

This one might be more appropriate… (If you can’t see it because it’s so tiny, it’s Swiper.) Arleigh is offended because Swiper is apparently a boy.

I was really hoping for a Star Wars theme for the whole family so I could do this…
That’s not happening. Arleigh is a bride. Hanan is a vampire bat. Any ideas before Halloween creeps up on me?

I could use a few ideas for the adults in the family as well. Last year we were Shrek and Fiona. I was thinking of stealing Shanan’s idea of Axel and Slash. We’ll see. I would love to get Ray in a leotard for a remake of Single Ladies. It’s hard to get him in one when I’m refusing to participate on the principal that someone’s eyes would clearly bleed.

Comment away…. Halloween is coming at me like a freight train.