***You only have to watch the first 15 seconds.

Wow… it’s amazing how many posts I can do when there are 10,001 things I need to be getting done now that everyone is in bed. Things like eating candy cane oreos, reading magazines about Cheetah Woods and Brangelina, throwing away all the toys I loathe because in one week everything I own will be on a semi headed for Tennessee. But I digress. I’m entering the gutter with this one folks.

I would like to tell you that my daughter will be angry with me. The unfortunate fact is, she is her mother’s daughter and has the humor and maturity of a 12-year old boy. I really don’t think she’ll be angry with me anytime soon. I’ll hold it over her head once she develops any dignity. I don’t see that happening either. She has my sense of humor. Here it is. Watch carefully for the extra bubbles.

I love my girls. I love my crazy life!