When we made the decision to ask for the job at Millington, we knew that we would take a huge paycut. I would be quitting my part time position with the church. We wouldn’t get nearly as much back in a housing allowance since we wouldn’t own a home here. Lots of little things added up to alot less money. Little decisions are made. We gave up cable. We didn’t need cable anyway. We have a weird phone that doesn’t cost money. I insist on keeping my iphone and other stuff. We’re still okay.

Clearly, it seems I’ve been overspending on our food budget. It wouldn’t be a big deal but overspending on any part of the budget + loss of income + paying for an adoption = bad news for my savings. This morning I went to one of my least favorite super stores to buy groceries. As the bill totaled out once again to just under $200 I cringed. The only thing I got that wasn’t groceries was 2 baskets for $4 each for the big girls’ closet. (We’re having storage/containment/we have too much crap issues.)

There are things that are adding up to our high bills. The girls watched Food Revolution. They will not take buy school lunches anymore. I am thinking that the lunch they pack might cost twice as much. As of today, they are back to taking water instead of a sugary drink. I generally pack a sandwich prepackaged Sunchips (I know I’m lazy) a piece of fruit and some yogurt. I tried non disposable containers for a bit but Hanan couldn’t get the idea of nondisposable. We’re back to baggies. Bria and I eat at home almost every day. We occasional Friday outing gives us an opportunity to eat out. I thought not having LIFE group would drop our costs considerably. This past month we have 3 different sets of visitors. We eat at home on Wednesday nights now too and we used to get a free meal at church. So it’s all sort of evening out I guess.

So that long drawn out story just to ask… how do you save money? I hit the commissary but it’s really small here and I’m usually forced to stop at a grocery on my way home for the things they didn’t have. Most of the coupons I find are for over priced over processed junk food that we are trying not to eat.

I’ll take whatever advice I can get.