Yesterday we found out that the navy field surgical team in Farah, Afghanistan is sponsoring the Farah school. They contacted schools where their children have attended that are likely to have navy families, like ours and asked that we donate the end of the year left over school supplies.

Of course, I was excited to hear about this. The Farah school is also an orphanage. Every year hundreds of children walk through the doors of this orphanage trying to find a way to better their lives by looking for an education. Like so many other orphanages in this country, there are no supplies available to educate these children. The Afghanistan Dept. of Orphanages reports that 50% of the Afghan population is less than 18 years old and will receive almost no education. Considering the social climate in this part of the world, I am very excited to hear about American citizens stepping up to help educate these children. Our family wants to do our part.

Last night at dinner we were talking about what we could do. My girls will donate their left over supplies. We’re also getting our own box together to ship tomorrow. The girls are super excited to get rid of gently used sandals and maybe send over some flip flops. They were talking about what would be best to send. Suddenly Bria yells, “We send them Popsicles!” She was so cute. She thought she had a brilliant idea. I swear if I could figure out how to get popsicles over there, I would.

As usual, I’m advocating too. The address to send the supplies to is a US Navy address. That means you fill out a customs form, but you don’t pay international shipping rates. If you would like to help, send me a message or leave a comment. I have a list of the most needed items and the address to ship them. Anything you do will go a long way to helping these kids.