In case you are wondering the girls and I are still out in the country. My mother is paying for faster Internet these days but her computers are old and slow so I don't even bother. I'm missing your blogs but occasionally I'll catch up from my phone.

My days consist of pleasant early morning jogs before it gets too hot. After 10 a.m. you open a door and the heat literally takes your breath away. There is fishing late into the evening and afternoons in baby pools with as much grass in it as there is water. There are mule rides to see horses that probably aren't what you think unless you grew up in the sticks. There are trade days. I spent one afternoon searching for my dog in the woods.

In other words, we're having fun in the boonies. I'm enjoying tailgates and water. We'll be back soon. Until then, I'll be spending my nights enjoying the stars that I miss in the city.


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