The girls were back in school today. I was back in the mommobile… Here are some things I wonder while I’m sitting there…

  • Can the economy really be so bad when there are about 10 new cars cruising through this line after Christmas?
  • When it’s 56 degrees outside do you really need a mink coat? The makeup, the earrings were a little much. I’m pretty sure she was a grandma. I wonder where she spent her day.
  • Why does the principal continue to wave me forward when my bumper is a quarter of an inch from the bumper in front of me? I’m pretty sure fender benders are frowned upon in the car line. 
  • How much homework will they have?
  • Is there a forcefield around the school that keeps my phone from working?Why does it randomly drop calls when I am sitting in the same place for more than 15 minutes?
  • I hope everyone is happy. I hate afterschool breakdowns.

On the bright side, everyone was happy. We got to piano by the skin of our teeth. We’re off again this morning so I can people watch in the cars again. Maybe I should get a flip to hang out the window. Hmmmmm.