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The Daily Dribbles

Do You Really Ever Know Someone?

I met a sweet girl here in the blogosphere and we had an instant connection. We would email constantly and I found I really enjoyed getting to know her. We told each other about ourselves, our past, and what we hoped for our futures. We would comment on each others blogs daily and lend support and ideas. She was a really sweet girl and I was so happy to have met her.

What was even better to me was the fact that she lived in the same state I was from. While I had moved away at that point, I would go back a few times a year to visit family. When I told her this, she was so excited and said she couldn’t wait to meet me. I was excited to finally be able to get to meet her too and to make a friend IRL.

When the time came that I was back home visiting, we had a spur of the moment get-together. And guess what? It was AWKWARD. So weird and awkward for me. She didn’t seem herself, not at all like the girl on the computer. In turn, I think that it made it so I wasn’t myself either. It was just plain weird. She hardly spoke and when she did, it was uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to say. SO different than online. We had no problems communicating there. Wow, what does this say?

Well, I’m sad to report that we don’t talk anymore. Things were never the same. We did communicate some for a while after that but things just slowly phased out. It bothered me for a while but I’ve since accepted it for what it is. We enjoyed that online communication for a while but for some reason, when we met IRL, we lost that. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but we did. I still think fondly of her and think sometimes that maybe we’ll reconnect again but for now, I’ve moved on. It’s all I can do.