Today I have something to cheer about. It is amazing to me how things could totally stall out for months, but today… we got a note. Our entire dossier is in D.C. right now being passed from embassy to embassy.

You see… Ray and I can’t do things the normal way. We have to add a Jamaican marriage into the mix. So first stop, Jamaican embassy to be authenticated. The good news is, we were told to expect that our dossier will be headed to China next week. Our social worker also hopes that we have our referral by February. We might have a face to pray for next month. I get goose bumps just saying that.

(Note to the distant family members thinking about getting married on an island sometime soon. It’s fabulous. Do it! Visit a justice of the peace stateside first…just in case… you never know…)

Of course, all of this came about with a phone call from my husband. The agency director always emails our home account and Ray’s work account. My computer at home was rebooting. Ray, got the bill… Ray got the bill that is due before our dossier goes to China… Let’s just say that by the end of this month, we might all be getting used to the taste of Top Ramen. None of us mind.

Stay tuned. I have a feeling things are going to get interesting around here.