I promise I wasn’t going to say one word about a sweet boy that is currently half the world away, but I can’t help it. You see, we had reason to be concerned. It wasn’t just want the pediatrician said. Let’s just say google isn’t always a good thing. I was pretty excited this morning to get a call from Dana telling me I needed to check my email right away.

In my inbox were four new pictures and an update. He’s pretty tiny for his age. His weight was almost Bria’s though. I’m thinking they might have weighed him with all his clothes on. While the pictures don’t alleviate all my fears, pictures recently seen of another little boy who is also waiting for his family helped too. I still think he looks scared. Maybe he just hates having his picture taken as much as I do.

This is what his update said, “His new measurements are as follows:

Head Circumference:48cm;
Chest Circumference:59cm;
Feet length:11cm;

He can walk alone, started to call baba,mama. He is pretty interested in the things happened around him, fond of listening to the music. Now he is very cooperative when the caregiver put on his clothes. But he doesn’t like to eat the table food, loves milk. He is a little timid, but usually after some time communicating and playing with him, he is OK in the new environment. He has ready smiles, is a very cute boy.” Cute boy indeed!

We sent a care package yesterday. Soon he’ll be getting cake and candy to celebrate the fact that he has a family with his friends. We also sent pictures so maybe he will recognize us. He’ll get a small toy. They also sent a camera with his name attached so hopefully, more pictures will be coming soon.