Ni Hao Yall

I have never participated in Sunday Snapshot. I thought I would the second we had PA and I could show off a certain boy’s face. PA came in the middle of the week. I couldn’t resist pasting his face everywhere I thought someone would see it. We waited for a long time to see that face. One spring break and three sick kids later, I sort of gave up on the idea.

As our weekend was just beginning, something exciting happened. Through a series of emails late Thursday night and very, very early Friday morning… we saw a face.

It was the face of a little prince. We’re certain that crown means he’ll easily fit right in with our dragon slaying princesses.

Even though his face showed a little concern about that giant flame on his cake, it warmed my heart to see it. We can see that he’s growing. He looks healthy.

He even looks a little silly with icing smeared across his face in front of a cake that hasn’t been cut yet.

He’s still pretty cute with that icing forming finger prints and not even a taste of the cake.

I hope he liked the cake. We aren’t sure if he got everything else in the package or not. It really doesn’t matter to us. We got to see his sweet face.

 We’ll keep praying that we can post those special LOA letters very, very soon.