Oh my word… I was going to wait until tomorrow when I have pictures of the package that I expect to arrive. I can’t wait to share! This morning I noticed on Facebook of all places that my agency rep would be out today. If our LOA was going to come this week, I expected it to be yesterday. Then my computer dinged that there was an email. It just said “I”m out today. You need to call my cell.” It was signed from my agency rep. I was on the phone. I love her, but I didn’t think she would want to chat on her day off. I just about broke my arm to get to the phone.

She started with giggly small talk and told me she why she was out of the office. Then she said it… “You’re LOA is here!” I think she was almost as excited as I was.

I have a permagrin. I have to say, God answers prayers! He answered in a BIG, BIG way! I am so thankful for it. I’m thankful to you my prayer warriors! Thank you! I was seriously nearly in tears with every note on Friday. Know your prayers were answered.

So now… we’ll get a package tomorrow. We’ll race to fill everything out, check and recheck our checklist and then right a big ridiculous check. We’ll overnight the package back to our agency and Friday it will be sent to Ch*na. I’m so excited. We really are one step closer.

All this on my brother’s birthday. He has no idea yet that he got the best birthday present EVER!

Thank you again. Please keep praying that we move quickly with no snags so we can get there and get him ASAP.