Sunday morning, Bria was supposed to make a collage of our family. I assumed this meant our immediate family.

When I saw the picture I was a little concerned curious. So there are six people in our immediate family but I’m counting 8. Here’s how it went. Naturally, I started with the one who stood out the most… The Mom! I am not a beautiful athletic looking blonde mom. I’m worried that I can’t meet my daughters expectations. Maybe she chose this mom because she’s wearing sweats. Do I always wear sweats?

I thought the Arleigh and Hanan lookalikes were a no brainer. I assumed the cute little girl in the red dress was Bria. Dad looks like Ray so no worries there. Jack is an older version of Jack, I get it. Then there are the two little pictures on the left. Who in the world are they?

The older girls decided very quickly that the little girl is our sponsored child Pheti. Now I have guilt because we haven’t taken he time to write to her…thick….heavy….guilt. The bald guy looks like no one in our family. So we just had to ask.

Bria’s answers:

  • Bald guy = Grandpa
  • Little black girl = Arleigh
  • Tall, pretty, athletic mom = Mama
  • Ray = Dad 
  • Little girl at the sink = Bria
  • Little girl with backpack = Hanan
  • Asian boy = Jack
  • Little girl with red dress = Bria
So now Grandma is hurt that Grandpa made the cut and she didn’t. She did say that they bonded over our last trip… I don’t know if I should be more worried about Bria’s distorted view of me or her distorted view of Arleigh or the fact that she is such a narcissist she put herself on the page twice. 
Instead, I’m going to say that I’m pretty proud that Bria has a hard time defining us by our outward appearance. She is at 3 the kind of person who can meet you and understand you. She sees your heart first. There are times that I think she knows a person’s character long before I do. It’s a trait I often wish I had.