I’ve been a bit absent. Things seem quiet around here. Then again, it seem chaotic too… Here is a brief update.

Technically our travel approval to go get Jack could come any second. I’m hoping this week. I’m thinking Thursday might be a good guess. We might leave as early as two weeks later. In preparation this past week, mostly this weekend we…

  • Got the big girls moved upstairs, complete with a closet. 
  • Ray finished Jack’s bed. I got bedding on the bed and Nana Bonnie supplied us with some pretty cute pillows.
  • We picked up a suitcase. 
  • Our travel list is made but not filled. 
  • We have essentially what we need to leave tomorrow except for medication. 
What we haven’t done…
  • Finished Jack’s room. (300 little projects that I really need to start and or finish)
  • Purchased gifts.
  • Filled medication.
  • Prepared the photo book for Jack.
  • Shopped to finish the travel list. 
  • Started thinking about the 500 last minute things that I won’t think about until they say go!
In the meantime, Ray went to CA and racked up some vouchers when his flight was delayed. I guess Delta will have our business on the way to China. 
These sweet ladies came to visit us for a couple of days.

 We shopped. We ate. We shopped. They shopped. We ate some more and had big big fun. It was a very nice and needed distraction from constantly checking my email.

We registered for the new school year. I’m saving that post for tomorrow. That was Tuesday and I’m still angry.

These two…

They started school this morning. They are officially fourth and fifth graders. Bria will head back tomorrow. Where did this summer go? For that matter where did the last 10 years go? 
I’ll be floating in and out for a bit. There is a bit of painting, a bit of rearranging. I also just read about the some super hard adjustments a few people had picking up their 3-year old boy in China this week. They were not limited to but included, hitting, biting, trying to run away, fit throwing, yelling, you get the idea. I’m off to pray for a smooth transition. I know it won’t all be easy but boy life will be different.