I thought I would give you an update… The consulate could take up to a week to confirm our date. Luckily, we were confirmed within 24 hours. I would like to go sooner, like right now. Our confirmed date is the 28th. We’ll be leaving on the 15th.

I’m half packed. The room is half done. I’m already getting anxious about leaving 3 girls for 16 days. That and we didn’t leave much wiggle room for Grandma’s Grand Escape that has been planned forever. Oh and my brother is probably going to throw surgery in there on a bashed up knee. We like to do things all the way when we do them.

So, all you been there done that people… throw it at me. What do I absolutely have to have? What can we not live without? Here and in China… There will be a boy here! What am I going to do with a boy? What can I do for the girls here? We’re planning a paper chain. Grandma has promised them the moon for happy hearts and good behavior. I’m sure they will be so spoiled they’ll be sorry we’re coming home. Just in case… thoughts? I’ll take anything to preoccupy my mind with the three weeks before travel!