This is the second post of questions answered. We’ve had lots of questions asked about Jack. I’m going to try to answer what I can.
  • Jack is three and a half, we think. His birthday is questionable but there is no way to know.
  • Jack is small, but not as small as we thought apparently. He is a bit smaller than the normal Chinese boy according to his medical appointment today. His 2T pants are a bit big but the shirts are great. His shoes are around a six and he has the cutest little feet.
  • Jack does not speak English… We are asked alot. He doesn’t seem to be speaking as much Chinese as a normal three-year old should either. He is picking up some words. His language development is similar to an 18-month old. 
  • Jack is a very picky eater. If it doesn’t look like a recognizable cooked vegetable, rice or noodles, he won’t eat it. He doesn’t like candy, fruit, bread, or heaven forbid, ice cream. Little man is going to have some big adjustments in the states. I honestly don’t know how I will feed him at every meal. The breakfast buffets in the hotels have been life savers. He also loves milk. Adores might be a better description. 
  • Jack is from a very small village. We know that like alot of Chinese children he was abandoned. We don’t know why, though we can guess. He does not have a noticeable medical condition. 
  • Jack will need glasses. Eye doctor is top of the list. He also needs to eat. He is clearly malnourished. His special need is a developmental delay. We were told it was because of where he was and the lack of staff in the orphanage. He surprises us with new things he does and says every day.
  • Jack’s attachment is going pretty well. Most of the time he is a very happy boy. He is starting to say Mama and Baba. When he’s nervous, he wants us to hold him. He is also happy to go away with anyone else who offers to hold him. We will have to watch out for mommy shopping. 
I think that answered most of the questions. It’s funny how Ray and I can worry over and care for this little boy that we’ve only known for days. He is very funny, especially when he cracks himself up. He seems to recognize the girls when we Facetime with them. He likes to see his face as much as he likes to see theirs. We like to see that face too!