I was running through a post in my head about life here. I’m not ready to go there now. Tucker has his big appointment to get a chip tomorrow. Jack has his big eye appointment on Thursday. The car had another appointment today. I’m feeling a bit appointed to death. Plus, we have some very wonderful guests that I can’t wait to tell  you about, but right now, I wouldn’t do them justice. So I get to throw my brother under the bus. He’s been pretty vocal about Tim Tebow and his lack of talent comparatively speaking around the field. We had a bit of a discussion today. Sooo… throw my brother under the bus and stand on a soapbox sounds like a perfect afternoon!

So here’s the thing. I like football but I like the players based on their character, not their ability. I appreciate Peyton Manning for his displayed loyalty. I do not care for this brother, Eli. I love Michael Oher but the rest of the Ravens, ehhh. Drew Brees… the bomb. Tom Brady… I’m looking for a bomb. (Not literally just a visual.) Bring along Tim Tebow and much to my chagrin, I find myself pulling for the Broncos. That is something I never thought I would hear coming out of my mouth. Tim Tebow found a platform through something he loves to do. I forget how many people googled John 3:16 the first time he wore it during a game. Yahoo Sports is reporting that last night, millions of fans were googling again. You can read about it here.


So Tye’s discussion led to something about Tebow being a sub par quarterback in sort of a no guts no glory category. I don’t think that Tye cares one way or the other what Tebow says about his faith but he wonders why when so many others pronounce it, Tebow is getting the attention. (Did I get it right Tye?) I’ll also say, that our conversations were short and via email in between Mount Washmore sightings and little kids running around so I might have gotten a point or three of his wrong. I’m sure he’ll correct me quickly if I did.

So here’s my two cents…you can stop reading now if you don’t care. Tye may be right. God may not care two bits if the Broncos beat the Steelers. Far be it for me to say what really matters to God. I do think he cares that Tebow proudly displays his faith. I wish I had the courage too at times. If good things are coming from that display, doesn’t it seem that God might care about that too? Maybe God doesn’t care if Tebow had 316 passing yards. Who am I to say it isn’t ordained with a number like 316? Here’s the deal… God took a someone who stutters and put him front of the pharaoh to save His people. You might remember him as Moses. Then there’s Abraham, father of nations with his wife, Sarah, who was barren. Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born. He said his wife was his sister, not once but twice. Rahab comes to mind. David, the little boy  who slays the giant. God is always taking unlikely heroes and throwing them in to do big things. Who am I to say that last pass wasn’t God helping out a mediocre quarterback so he can have a bigger platform?

I love Tim Tebow maybe because he isn’t the best playing his best game. I love Tim Tebow because the highlight of his night was reportedly spending it with a child in the hospital, not winning a game. I love Tim Tebow because he has more courage to speak out for Jesus than most of us have in our little fingers. Does God love football? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure he loves Tim Tebow.