Yesterday had me at the dentist, with all four in tow for 3 appointments then off to see Jack’s pediatrician. The one bad thing about being at a military clinic, the “system” was down. Ugh. Yes, I sound like my tweens. Yes, it means a trip back. In the end, it was probably a blessing in disguise… I think. I’ll get there in a minute.

One blessing… Jack saw everyone else sit in a dentist chair. He was pleased as punch it was not his turn. He did seem to remember being there almost a month ago. He busied himself playing with a lego table and having an accident that the back of my van won’t soon recover from… I changed a pull up back there. I find that it is far better than most diaper tables. I made the mistake of not laying anything under him. I think my new dietary guidelines aren’t agreeing with him. It’s veggies instead of copious amounts of goldfish and crackers. Anyway, after dropping off all the girls, Jack got some time in the bath…again.

We headed off for the base after lunch. He was okay until I stepped up to the counter and used his name. He started to whine. I was distracting him while filling out paperwork. Ray came in and started to play so that put off the worst of it. Then we hit the little room. Clothes came off. Clothes off apparently indicate that something horrific is about to happen. At least we know his memory is good. He wailed. There was minimal thrashing compared to the eye doctor. The screaming was loud enough to alert people three buildings over. No calming little man down. He couldn’t understand why he was in this little room with three adults and we weren’t doing anything about it. He was mad to be put on the scale and even madder to try and decide his height. Clearly pediatricians are accustomed to this kind of treatment. Jeff never flinched. He just talked right over the wails and listened to his heart and did his thing. I, however, couldn’t decide whether to laugh or throw my hands in the air. I went with laughing because what can you do?

Jeff finished a quick physical exam and I whipped out Jack’s little white t-shirt and he had it on in a flash. Then his long sleeved shirt was on and he was shoving his arms in so fast I thought he might accidentally punch Ray. Who knew the kid who loves to strut naked (you should read that as nekid since that’s how I talk) at home would crave clothing in a doctor’s office? Then I said, “No pants.” He was supposed to get shots. Yes, I said supposed to… Um. I mentioned the system being down. I forgot to grab Jack’s shot record. Whoops. The doctor couldn’t track him because he didn’t have info from last time. We couldn’t get the shots because they had no record of Jack. Sometimes, I really hate technology. Not knowing… we marched Jack down to Immunizations while he pointed and begged for the exit. Yes, he found a way to communicate that. He was pointing the way we came in yelling , “Guh Guh Glease!” I can’t wait to torture him with that when he’s an adult.

Ray and I settled into the waiting area. Jack wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. I sat him in the chair next to me. He proceeded to hold up his legs and beg for his pants. There was no way I was putting those boogers on and then taking them off again. I did everything I could to distract him. Then Ray held the pants in front of him and took a picture with his phone. Little man got a serious leg and ab workout sitting like that for so long.

We hear the system is down… I didn’t bring his shot record ‘case that’s how I roll. We proceeded to put on pants and roll right out of there. Jack was beyond thrilled. He put his pants on and proceeded to strut in a way that only Jack can. He seriously puts Adam Levine to shame. We drove Ray back to his office and picked up a few things at the NEX and filled the tank up with gas. Jack played all the way home. That was the blessing. Hopefully he won’t be so afraid the next time we go back, you know for actual shots…

Even though the exam didn’t turn out the way we wanted. We did find out that Jack will not be needing a MRI anytime soon. That was fabulous news. Plus, I really don’t know how you can be still yelling “Guh Guh Glease!!!” and pointing at your pants. We now how a referral for a speech delay evaluation. My turn to be pleased as punch. After the last two years, I wasn’t looking forward to going through the school system to get his evaluation. The bigger question is will Tricare approve it because our doctor isn’t our primary doctor according to them. Suddenly I hear Dory from Nemo, “Just keep swimming. Just. Keep. Swimming…”