I haven’t made a secret to Hanan or anyone else for that matter, Hanan’s Pom Pom coach is hell bent on driving me insane. New fees are added every month. There are phone calls at all hours, including after I’ve dropped her at practice. The shoes that I paid for didn’t come in so I had to buy another pair at the last minute. We were in China during registration. I had a hard time saying no. Our schedule seemed open. Practices are held every other week, allowing us room to travel. It seemed like a win win at the time…little did I know. I told the coach that if the fees went up again, this would be her last month. Then Friday night came…

I took the little camera. The pictures are not great.

I had 5 tickets, including Hanan’s. I wasn’t sure about taking Jack or Bria for that matter. Sometimes, the one that doesn’t talk is much easier to handle than the one that does. So… new plan! Big girls night out. Grandma and Nana Bonnie came in for the weekend and a Big Girls’ Night Out. We drove over to Desoto County for the River Kings hockey games. The River Kings are our local minor league hockey team. Apparently, others also think it’s too far to drive. It wasn’t crowded. Somehow, everyone was sitting exactly where we were though.

Hanan’s pom team came out on the ice during the first intermission. They were fabulous. The end of the performance had Hanan out front grinning from ear to ear in spite of warnings not to go off the rug and risk falling on the ice. She was just fabulous. It wasn’t just a proud mother talking either. As I stood with my little Starvin’ Marvin after her big performance, the gentleman in front of us turned around. He asked if she was the one that started in the back left. I smiled and said yes. He proceeded to tell me in front of Hanan how his whole group of friends said she was just the best. That made her night and I’m so happy for her confidence.

We all had a fabulous time, laughing and telling stories all the way home. Stories that I am unfortunately no allowed to tell. I was told, “What happens at the River Kings, stays at the River Kings…” Seems like I’ve heard similar things from Grandma before.

No worries about Ray, Bria and Jack. They made a night of it too. A trip to Chick-fil-A was included with the bonus playground. Ray now knows why I’m picky about when I go. Bria informed a mother that her daughter was required to remove her shoes. I think they finished up with some ice cream though so everyone was happy.

As far as Lion Prep Pom is concerned, I’m much happier now that they have a performance under their belt. Hanan will keep going until the move. Their next performance is supposed to be at a UofM basketball game. Hopefully the extra fees have come to a stop. I don’t think the phone calls will though.