Time to get the attention off of me and back onto my sweet funny kids! I’ve always thought my favorite age was 18 months. You know, just when they are starting to learn independence but still really want their Mama? Well, 18 months is clearly no as funny as four. At four, Bria speaks her mind regularly. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted any of her little sayings. Thought you might enjoy these…

Right after Jack lets one rip…”I am SOOOO glad he didn’t do that on my face!” Excuse me? Has he done that before?

“Mama, I can’t move to Hawaii. I would miss Claire too much. I can’t hug her with just Skype.”

With every Christmas present… “This is just what I wanted!!!” Now that Christmas is over, “When is Christmas?” “Is it time for Christmas?” “Well, when is my birthday?”

“I love you Jack Jack. Give it to me!”

Her answer for everything to everyone who is not me, “You Are Not The Mom!” Too bad “The Mom” doesn’t hold has much weight as she’s implying because she sure won’t jump through hoops for me either.

“Mama, Jack stinks and I promise it’s not just his breath!”

There has been a talking about Jack trend happening lately. “Mama, what happens if Jacks says, ‘Hi Jack!’ to the other Jack?” I answer that he’ll say, “Hi Jack!” She says she knows and then giggles. (Jacks hello to anyone is “Hi Jack!”) I think that it sounds like hijack is far funnier but it’s lost on the four-year old.

When Grandma and Nana Bonnie were here last weekend, we were at the mall at lunch time. Bria insisted that she had to have Subway so she could “Eat Fresh!” Her sandwich had ham, pepperoni, two kinds of cheese and mustard. It arrived with a side of Doritos big enough for 3 people. So much for “Eat Fresh!”

Last night, greatest one ever. Arleigh was mortified saying that I think she has a crush on everyone, including our preacher. (She doesn’t but somehow I was reminded of Shakespeare, “Thou doest protest too much.”) Bria pipes up from the backseat, “I don’t like crushing on boys!!! Especially big ones that are already Dads!!!” I really wish I could get her inflection across in these words. I thought I was going to wet my pants.

Thank you Miss Bria Bossy Pants. You provide a much needed comic relief to our chaos and we love you for it!