I mentioned Fried Cabbage as part of our New Year’s Dinner. I had a couple of requests for the recipe. I currently have food on the brain. I have pictures, and some details… so I thought I would share.

I start here… with washed cabbage, bacon, onion, butter, mojo de ajo (garlic oil) and I finish it with a bit of sugar. I guess I was so excited I forgot to get the sugar container in the pictures. That, or Ray commandeered it for coffee. Anyway, I start here and finish with cabbage on a plate, cornbread, and if I’m really, really a good girl some black eyed peas with a heaping topping of tomato relish. Tomato relish would require a guest post by Grandma since I’m currently terrified of canning. Anyway, let’s begin.






First, fry up that bacon. You can cut it early in large strips, or fry it as it is and chop it later. I picked strips…and probably stole a piece.









While the bacon cooks, rough chop the onion. I don’t like it diced because it will get lost. I don’t like it as big as the pieces of cabbage either. What I’m saying is, use your own best judgement. Save the scraps for the chickens.








What’s that? You don’t have a friend with chickens in their back yard? I’m so sorry. It makes my day to send scraps over for the ladies. I’ll try and get a picture of my fine feathered friends very soon. Anyway, fry those onions up in a bit of the leftover grease, but not too much. As they caramelize, get those bits of bacon scraped up.









While the onion is getting soft, chop your washed cabbage. Again, to your taste but not too small and not too big… I’m sounding a bit like Goldilocks.

Then, it’s everybody in the pool!

 Cabbage… stick of butter. Don’t judge. I don’t eat this very often. I also should have mentioned…large head of cabbage or two small heads of cabbage. Hold off on the bacon though or it will get soggy.







Add some mojo de ajo. Have no idea what mojo de ajo is? It means something like bath or garlic or in our house nectar of the gods. You can read more about it here.

Oh my! I think I might me drooling. Mojo de ajo and bacon… and onion… Seriously ready for the Daniel Fast to be done. Apparently Daniel didn’t eat bacon…or butter.








Okay then, put a lid on it. Let the cabbage get soft. Now here’s a note. Some people like their cabbage to have a crunch. I find that my kids eat more of it if there is a lack of texture. I cook it to death. Sort of like my green beans that I only serve for taste and the pretty factor. It’s a vegetable but it doesn’t really count. Cook the cabbage to your desired texture. While it’s cooking…

Chop that bacon. Try not to eat too much of it. It’s hard in this house. I honestly don’t know how I haven’t seriously hurt or maimed a child slipping their hands in and out try to pilfer a piece of bacon or nine.







Throw it in… Add a pinch of sugar.

That’s a horrible picture you say? I know. I’m throwing it in so at some point I can talk to Ray about a different camera. I’m passive aggressive like that. So stir it around, the sugar dissolves and it’s ready to put on a plate.







That’s it. No picture of the finished project. This was dinner people. I had screaming kids wondering why on earth I was standing with my camera taking a picture with every step. They ate it. They ate it all quickly. I typically have leftovers. This night, there were none. If you want, you can finish it with white balsamic vinegar. Honestly, I think the only thing it needs to finish it is some buttered cornbread.

Now, I’ve been hearing all about roasted cabbage. I think it would be wonderful considering that’s how most vegetables are served several times a week around here. I’m just wondering, how do you cook yours?