This is a guest post written by Bria. AKA Little B. More on that nickname later…

On Thursday (I wish she could write with her Boston/Southern accent…it’s really not the same.) my name was pulled out of the bag. I knew it was my name because of the big B on it. I was really, really super excited because it meant Little Green could come home with me. Little Green is my class pet. He’s a monster. Mama told me he looked like one of Stitch’s cousin. I told her stop because if you call a monster an alien, it makes them really, really sad. She said sorry and Little Green was happy to go home with us again.

Little Green needed a bed. The bed that my dolls sleep in was way too big for him. I know he’s a monster, but if he’s not cozy he might get scared. Mama fixed up a box with a pillow and a blanket so he could sleep on the table next to my bed. I called Grandma immediately to let her know that Little Green would need a bed at her house too. The box Mama used was pink. Little Green is a boy. I just knew Grandpa could fix the perfect bed. I told him to get to work because we would be there very soon.

On Friday morning, Tucker needed shots. We took Little Green to the vet too. The vet weighed Little Green. She took his temperature. She said he fangs looked really great. I told her they don’t get dirty because Little Green doesn’t eat.

Later on we drove all the way to Grandma’s. It was exciting because Uncle Tye Tye and his friend April were coming to take Arleigh and Hanan to a movie. I think they saw something called Journey. All I know is that boy Arleigh likes, Josh Hutcherson is in the movie. She really likes him! Really really. The best part of the night was when I had a staring contest with Tye Tye. He can never beat my Stink Eye stare! Too bad Mama didn’t get a picture of that.Little Green missed it. He was in the bed Grandpa made.

I think he was pretty comfy. The next day, Mama and Daddy left pretty early to run a race. We got to hang out with Grandma looking at old pictures. I had to keep asking where I was in the picture. Someone kept saying, “That’s your Mama.” I was getting pretty confused so Jack and I decided to play with the old cars we found in a closet. We found Tye Tye’s spider man night light and an old letter he wrote to Santa. I’m still not sure what a cassette player is, or Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo. Mama and Daddy sure thought it was funny though.

After the race, we played some more. It was way too cold to ride the mule. Little Green was excellent company. I was pretty excited too. Grandma promised to take me and Jack to Burger King. Mama told me there was an inside playground there. Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, Arleigh and Hanan were going to a Murray State basketball game. Mama really wanted to take Little Green with her. She kept saying she would take his picture with Dunker. Dunker is a giant basketball playing, dancing horse. I told Mama that horses would want to eat little monsters and Little Green would rather stay home with me. So he did…




Sunday, we went to church. All my cousins came for lunch. We played and then it was finally warm enough to go outside. We thought we would let Little Green feed the fish. Grandpa said they wouldn’t come up because it was so cold.

Mama was surprised to find Little Green sunning himself in a sinking boat! Maybe not that surprised since she’s always taking pictures of weird stuff.








Hanan was able to rescue him from drowning.

If you call this a rescue. I’m not sure.








Mama said Little Green might have been happier sunning himself. I think she might be right.

He looks pretty peaceful.








We also rode on the swing. Arleigh and Hanan were kind enough to push. Jack was inside with his Goldfish. He doesn’t like the cold much. I think that’s funny because Mama said it is always cold where he is from in China.









I can’t leave Grandma out. When Little Green and I were by the pond, she was right there getting ready to catch us if we were about to fall in. She said the water was too cold for anybody to jump in after us. Plus, I like her red cowboy boots. I wonder if I can wear cowboy boots in Hawaii. I bet Mama wonders that too.











I almost forgot! Little green went to church with us. He set with Mama when Jack and I went to class. Mama and Daddy usually have to sit way up close. Mama said that the preacher picked up Little Green in the middle of the sermon. She said he was using Little Green as an illustration. I’m not sure what an illustration is or how the Bible mentions a little monster. I’ll have to remember to ask her. Anyway, after the church service, the preacher, Mr. Kenny took a picture with me and Little Green.

It was a pretty sweet weekend. I gave Little Green back to Miss Kristin today. Mama says it was a good thing I had a party today or I might have been more upset about returning my new friend. I know my friend’s want a turn with Little Green too. My fingers are crossed that we get to bring him home again though.

Wonder if Mama is going to let me do this again? Write on the blog I mean. I think she had fun with Little Green too.