So I just received a text from my eleven year old that read, “You have not blogged in 6 days!” Umm. Yeah. I don’t know who has the bigger problem, me and my need to blog or Arleigh and her need to blurk me. This is like riding a bike though right? Six days isn’t going to kill me. Right?

In an effort to record our family history, I’ll back up to Valentine’s day. So much has been going on around here. The mass clean out has begun. Hours manned looking for housing and lurking on housing sites, multiple Valentine’s Day parties, and 80 of these boogers…

I am happy to report that they were a hit…even with the preschool crowd. In case you didn’t notice… Valentine’s around here this year were hard…HARD with capitals. I have tweens who abhor anything that resembles cute, cuddly or lovey dovey. I’m fairly certain that it would mortify them if they knew I used those terms. I also have a boy this year. I could have gone out and picked up Transformers or something but Jack has no idea about that. He does love popcorn though. Then there’s Bria. She was all about the party. She couldn’t care less what she would take to hand out. Turns out, once we finally decided what to do, it was pretty easy. I was in a hurry and the little stickers weren’t quite what I wanted them to be but in the end, I probably saved a lot of ink with the simplified look. I may have to recycle this idea for next year since we get a whole new class to hand out too.

We also did our traditional kitchen “Heart Attack.” We all write down some of the reasons we love each other and paste them up all over the kitchen.

This is my favorite Valentine’s tradition. I’m sorry we waited so long this year. We each get a heart for each family member and write down a reason we love them. Siblings apparently need to be reminded…often. Or is it just my kids who need to be reminded why they love each other if an effort to fend off the cat fights? It works…for a couple of days or until their mother tends to make them reread them over and over. When they’re old, I’ll remind them why they loved each other long ago.

We don’t make a huge deal around here about Valentine’s Day. I made one of Ray’s favorite meals and got some really sweet candy…pun intended. The kids all get a little treat from him. I tried and failed to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls that morning. For the most part, it’s pretty low key. Imagine my shock at the doorbell ringing late that afternoon. Ray answered the door in his sweats. A sweet little boy asked if Arleigh was home. He hand delivered a homemade Valentine to her. Oh my goodness! Her face, blushing, Ray’s face, shock, my face…laughing hysterically at the two of them, or was it nervous laughter. Ray did manage to run back out the door to try to give the poor kid a hard time. It has begun… a little bit early. Ray imagined himself retired, with a shaved head sporting a goatee, cleaning his gun and smoking a cigar. The guns are put away, goatee’s aren’t compliant with the navy uniform, since he still has hair the head isn’t being shaved anytime soon and we are at least three years from retirement. Plan FAIL! I’m pretty sure we did manage to horribly embarrass her though.

As for the little boy… he’s still alive…Tye Tye hasn’t come for a visit yet. Bria officially has a crush on him. Arleigh blushes every time we bump into him. If she’s not blushing, her eyes are scanning every crowd for his presence. All I have to say is Thank heavens we are moving!

Okay Arleigh… Nana Bonnie and everyone else wondering… there’s my Valentine’s post. I promise I have lots to talk about, I’m slightly afraid of what I might say at this point. It’s coming. Promise.