Day number 2 found us at Hollywood Studios. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. It was crazy crowded and before the end of the day I had a horrible headache. It was bad enough that I sent Ray on a search for meds not caring how much it would cost in a park. That’s pretty bad. We still had a great time. The Babcocks were still with us. We headed to Toy Story Mania for the Fast Pass first. Good thing too. We got there when the park opened. By the time we got to Fast Past Distribution, we already couldn’t come back until after 1:30. It didn’t take long for that Fast Pass sight to shut down for the day. We found out that it is the most popular ride in all four parks. It is one of the ones that you would love to ride over and over if you didn’t have to wait in line for two hours to get on the thing.

I really should have taken more pictures… we hit The Little Mermaid and Disney Junior right away. We also figured out pretty quickly that we would be rotating in and out with Jack most of the day. The crowd and the thought of another Bug’s Life episode was a little too much for him. We had lunch reservations for all of us at Mama Melrose’s. It was really, really yummy. The bonus was, if you eat at Mama Melrose’s they give you special seating for Fantasmic allowing you a little more time before you have to sit down. The Babcocks had to start their long drive home but we got to enjoy the show. And always… Grandma the trooper. I guess if you have 10 grandchildren, being at Disney with 8 is no big deal.

The girls took a brief break in the middle of the day to show off their hula hoop skills. Arleigh won a standoff with a Disney worker.







I have two regrets for Day 2… I blame it on the excruciating headache… I didnt take enough pictures and that is totally out of character for me. We also didn’t take enough time to stop and see characters. We missed Woody, Buzz, Jesse and worst of all Lightening and Mater. Personally, I really wanted a picture with Phineus and Ferb but alas, it wasn’t to be. As we finished up Disney I realized how much all four LOVED meeting the characters. It was so crowded that day and there was so much we wanted to do. We did work in this guy. He scratched his head when I told him he looked hotter than my husband did in his BDUs. So much for army man…

Highlights of the day…We loved hanging out with the Babcocks. Hanan got to be the rebel spy on the Star Wars ride. We asked her if she was scared. She said, “I was when Darth Vader was pointing at me!” Bria rode it like a champ too. Grandma really enjoyed walking on the streets that looked and sounded like New York. We loved lunch! The real highlight was probably Fantasmic. Just when I started to wonder if we had done the wrong thing by bringing Jack after being home for only 5 months… he really surprised us. Bria was getting jealous and wanted to sit in my lap. Ray was on the hunt for some food. Jack wound up in Grandma’s lap. She faced him forward, something he refused to do for me or Ray. She told him everything that was about to happen and exaggerated everything that was happening. I don’t know if it was Grandma or the popcorn…most likely it was both but Jack made it through a show! He didn’t just make it through a show. He loved the show!

My other favorite part of the night was provided by Jack and Grandma. Jack is very tactile, especially when he’s nervous. He wants to rub skin, particularly on your chest. After trying to reach down Grandma’s shirt one twelve too many times I heard mom say, “Look Jack! It’s Pocahontas. She’s the Indian princess. Look at all that skin!” I thought I might pee myself.

It was another magical day in the land of Disney!