We are at a bitter sweet point in our lives. We have been very blessed for the last two and half years to be able to participate in so many different family functions that we missed when we were other places. Everything from a barn wedding to Easter egg hunts. We know that these functions with our big extended family are quickly coming to an end. In some ways, it’s a blessing. We soak up every last second. We cherish every mule ride, every snuggle, every trip down the driveway in a car. These are all things that we might take for granted if we knew we had them all the time. At the same time, we know this time next year, we’ll miss it. It’s hard. It’s very, very hard on all of us.

Instead of focusing on that… let me tell you we had a big time.

Mom had Kentucky Hot Browns ready when we got there. I could stop here. The Easter Egg Hunt was fabulous. We saw cows and horses. Jack face planted in a pile of manure. Gross. Thankfully it was dry. Unfortunately for the boy, there is a gene that has been passed through my family. We all laugh hysterically when someone falls. Apparently falling in a pile of poop is even funnier. I thought mom was going to fall off the mule. We paddled around the pond. We caught bass, catfish and blue gill… and frogs. Hanan may or may not have cried hysterically when she thought Barkley had eaten her new friend, Lady Fredericka Frog. Bria won a bunny the size of her head. Arleigh’s feet were firmly planted in pond water about 75% of the time we were there. We met Louie…Nana Bonnie’s new dog baby. Ray got to fish… a little by himself. I walked around with a camera in my hand. Arleigh made a bunny cake. Grandma made one of the most incredible Easter dinners I have ever seen with ham, chicken and dressing, black eyed peas, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, cole slow, panzanella salad and yeast rolls with strawberry butter. Jealous yet? Well I forgot to mention the pecan cobbler and ice cream. Oh my word. My hips will never be the same. She had me at strawberry butter. Jack actually picked up a few eggs. Go team! He rode the golf cart without one member of his immediate family and was a little aggravated when we told him it was someone else’s turn. He claimed the little drivable car as his. Bria found every fuzzy caterpillar in Western Kentucky. Max (Grandma’s shit-zhu) ate a piece of hot dog that was unfortunately attached to a fish hook. Apparently my personal Finnick AKA Ray is also a pretty good doggie medic. Tucker ran and ran and ran and now he sleeps. Barkley barked. I think Grandma should name her next dog Whisper. We dyed eggs. Those little tie dye machines are pretty cool. We ate. We ate some more. Do you think gluttony is a sin on Easter? I think I might need to confess. Louie got in Jack’s car. All four played with their cousins until they were so worn out I didn’t think I would get the big two to school this morning. I’m confident in saying everyone had fun. I love heading to my Old Kentucky Home!

Did you make it through that paragraph? Great. I’m cutting this short because all the dirt in Golo somehow transferred itself to my kids and their clothes. Could have something to do with the ditches they kept climbing into. Anyway… you have the highlights. Here’s the picture gallery…