The house is very quiet and dark. It’s not often that I’m the only one awake. If you have a second today, please pray for Jack. In about 15 minutes we’ll be headed to LeBonheur for his MRI. He will be under general anesthesia. It scares me a bit but I’m hopeful that this will provide answers.

If I could ask, please pray for the doctors and their wisdom. Pray that the girls man up and don’t give Ray a difficult time. He’s still down and out but will be their bus driver this morning. Pray for Jack. He will have no idea what is going on. He hasn’t been in LeBonheur. Considering it’s a hospital, it’s a pretty happy place made just for kids. I’m sure he’ll be okay until they take him back. I’m sure he won’t be okay when he wakes up. I’m hoping this doesn’t set his attachment back. I’m prayerful that it goes well because we’ll be doing this again shortly for surgery. I appreciate prayers for me too. I put my big girl panties on this morning but they’re pretty stretched out. I’m hoping they don’t fall off today.

As always, thank you.