I may have mentioned one of the newest members of our extended family. His name is Louie and I may or may not be slightly jealous…of a dog! You see, every morning for forever I have dropped my children at school and proceeded to call my mother. It is a tradition that have no plans of breaking. Lately Grandma has been heading into town every morning to walk with Nana Bonnie. I am so proud of both of them. They are really going to town and Nana Bonnie looked so healthy when we saw her over Easter. Like I said, so proud! There is one little problem… they are going earlier and earlier. Honestly, I can’t complain that it is cutting into my phone time. Today while they were walking, they were talking to me. I like this. The problem is Louie…

Every now and then I catch mom on her way to Nana Bonnie’s house. We’ll be in the middle of a desperate conversation… usually about something I saw on Pinterest for her pond house. Then she totally ignores me. I hear “Louie! Louie! Louie!” It sort of sounds like “Soo-EE! Soo-EE! Soo-EE!” This is totally appropriate because the next thing I hear is pig snorts coming from a very spoiled puppy. I am quite familiar with pig calls and pig sounds thanks to a little endeavor involving my Dee-Die and a hog farm. Let’s just say it almost kept me from eating bacon…almost when I was much younger. I know the sound of a pig when I hear one.  When that dog is kissing my mother he sounds exactly like a pig. I have never heard my mother ask anyone except possibly her grandchildren for a kiss. Louie is apparently allowed all sorts of gratuities. I then hear her say things like “Oh look! I can scratch your butt tail. Do you want me to scratch your butt tail?” Um… mother? Then she calls me back when she’s done.

This is the woman who rarely pets her own dogs much less asks them if she can scratch… well, you see where I’m going with this. She does speak baby talk to them. They are as ill behaved as rotten toddlers but she certainly doesn’t give them the attention she gives Louie. If Max knew what was going on at Nana Bonnie’s house every morning. Well, there would be some paybacks I’m sure. This behavior is truly unbelievable. I’m quite jealous… you know for Max’s and Barkley’s sake.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to be jealous for long. Louie is this tiny little ball of energy who begs to be kissed by everyone. Plus, the girls want to paint him blue and call him Stitch. Welcome to the family Louie. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.