This weekend Nana and Papa came for a visit. We are always excited to have them join us in our weekend adventures. This weekend was no different.

Friday night we had big plans to head to a Red Birds game. Rain held us back but it didn’t keep us from heading to Arlington to Vinegar Jim’s. I can’t believe that was the first time we went there. We heard mixed reviews about it and usually head to our favorite burger joint. With a coupon in hand and knowing our big move is imminent, we decided to try something new. I can’t believe we weren’t eating there every weekend. I had shrimp and grits that were as good as any I’ve had on the coast. Ray’s steak was out of control! After dinner we made a quick trip to Target to upgrade Hanan’s bike. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture. This was her birthday present…very early because she won’t be having a party with her friends this year.

On Saturday the weather still didn’t seem to cooperate. We waited almost too late and headed downtown to Mud Island.

GK – I took the picture of the spinning wheel just for you.

We had a fabulous time. We were going to have dinner at one place, but a table for 8 when the Grizzlies are playing is a bit hard to come by. We decided to head back to Huey’s. If you are ever in Memphis, Huey’s is great for burgers. It never fails.

The absolute highlight of our weekend, was going to church. Papa isn’t always a church goer. The girls have asked me for years why he doesn’t want to go to church with us. I know it would have been much easier for him to stay home. He went. The kids were pleased as punch to show him off. I was pretty happy to have everyone on one pew. Thanks Papa.

That’s it in a nutshell. We had a fabulous time and we’re so glad that they could join us for one last outing.