It’s been a while… like over a year… Really? Yep! It’s been a little over a year since I’ve hosted a Giveaway.

Since it’s Monday. Since my tax money has shown up. And… because I have a friend who is as sweet as I like my tea…I’m going to host a Giveaway.

I love my friend Ginny. She is an amazing decorator. She is an amazing photographer. She started an amazing Etsy shop. She is also a wonderful, kind hearted, compassionate, open, honest and funny friend. Did I mention my love for Ginny? Recently we’ve been having conversations about the orphan crisis. Specifically we’re talking about what individuals can do to help where they’re at. Bits of Jack’s story have been intertwined with stories of Phetsile, the young girl we sponsor. Fundraising, Love Without Boundaries and what each of us can do to help has come up. Ginny helps me brainstorm exactly how I’m going to change the world. I love her for that. She makes it seem like anything is possible.

When we brought Jack home, my heart was full of love for my new son. It was also very broken. Seeing Jack’s delays is a daily reminder of all the little boys left in a room in rural China. It’s hard to know what I can do to help. As I talked to Ginny about fundraising for a completely different orphan care project, I remembered the cookbook that I was diligently writing while Ray was traveling. Jack…doctor’s appointments…insurance… homework…life got in the way. Ginny helped me remember I can help. If I had only logged more hours finishing that project than I had scrolling through Facebook… well, I would have been finished a long time ago. In between boxes and cleaning out and homework and blogging, I’ll be typing away again. Hopefully soon, I’ll at least have some sort of e-book to offer to help raise funds for the nutrition program at Jack’s orphanage. In the meantime, I still need followers to get the word out. Ginny is going to be working on her own thing too, between her Etsy shop and her photography. I know what we’ve been talking about. I know what Ginny is capable of. I know Ginny is going to have a big announcement very soon.

Sooo…. I’ve decided to offer a BIG BIG Giveway. While this isn’t my first rodeo, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the saddle, so pay attention here… This is how I’ve decided to make it work.

I am going to give a $50 gift certificate to one person. That $50 will go a long way to creating a mural wall like Miss London’s.

Or a art in a nursery like Mr. Jude’s…

If you need more ideas, you can check out more of Ginny’s designs here. You will absolutely see why I love her. I’ve asked her if she could be really bendy and fit in my suitcase so she can fix up the kids’ room in Hawaii. I think she might try. I might need one more suitcase too.

Okay the details…

To win check out West Eighty Third on Etsy. Tell me what your favorite item is in a comment on this post.

For another entry become a follower of my blog. If you are already a follower leave a comment telling me you are. Make sure it’s a separate comment. Trust me, I need the separate comment for this to work.

For another entry, like West Eighty Third on Facebook. Leave me a comment. Tell me you liked it.

For more entries, blog about it, tweet it, Facebook it… spread the word and then… you got it, leave another comment.

Okay. That’s it. I have a cookbook to work on. Start sharing! Oh, the giveaway will end on Friday, April 27th at 5 p.m. central.