Big Mac is back! Big Mac is back! Can I get an amen? I have the best husband in the world. Unfortunately, exhaustion plus headache plus duh moment kept me from taking a picture yesterday. Surgery happened in our dining room. It looked like a cross between Mission Impossible, X-Files and Possibly ER. I’m not technologically inclined. I have no idea how Ray knows what he knows. He essentially filleted the computer…screen laying here, glass laying there and two cute little plungers that looked like Ray was about to scale the outside of a glass building. I know he was watching a video of someone else. Then I heard, “I’m not doing it like that.” The next thing I know, it is rebooting and all is right with the world. Ray is AMAZING. That’s why I love him.

Yesterday Bria and Jack  were Super Stars at school. They get to take a Poster Board about themselves and bring a special snack. Clearly, Jack isn’t asking for anything special. Bria chose Cheese Its and Kool-Aid. Yum! They got to talk about their poster. I got reports that Jack like pointing to his pictures. I have no idea why the picture is so huge. I do know why it’s grainy. It’s from my phone, linked from Facebook because it stormed here last night and I’m being excessively lazy.

Tomorrow I will leave the house around 5 a.m. to attend the Girl Scout Camporee with 20+ little girls. We’ll sleep in a tent. They have big plans for activities including canoeing and archery. Have you seen the movie trailer with the little girl saying, “I am Katniss!” Yeah, right after that the girl shoots someone in the leg with an arrow. I’m having nightmares about it. Pray for me… Please!

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