Last night Ray and I watched one of the Mission Impossible movies. Ethan Hunt did all sorts of crazy things to get the job done. He crashed cars, climbed glass buildings even broke into the Kremlin among other things. This morning I am thinking there is one impossible mission he couldn’t accomplish…sleeping with a four-year old after a nightmare.

I realize I’m an odd duck. I like to sleep toward the side of the bed with at least one foot hanging out from under the covers. This must also be Bria’s preferred position considering I wind up with about 4 inches worth of bed width to claim as my own. She pushes me with her bum tries to cuddle while kicking, slapping and generally thrashing to get comfortable. You better not ask her about her nightmare. This will wake her up and make her involuntarily talk for the next two and half hours. When she stops talking it is so sudden you’ll be tempted to wake her up to make sure she’s okay. Don’t. Just don’t. The cycle begins again. She’ll also insist on ice water. The ratio in her sippy cup must be perfect. The ice cannot melt and the water cannot run out or you will be making another trip to the kitchen in the dark across the Lego/Littlest Pet Shop mine field that you left for morning. Silly girl. The light will peek in early from your window. Bria will make her “Sun’s Up!” announcement and your precious sleep will allude you. Mission Impossible indeed.

At least she’s super cute, sweet and cuddly.