I realize I promised to post about Bria’s preschool graduation and Jack’s performance. Trust me when I say it was nothing short of marvelous. It deserves time…you know to upload the 400 pictures I took in a 90 minute time frame. Time is in short supply around here. Considering I’ve spent most of my seventieth wedding anniversary cleaning out closets and the attic, you know when I wasn’t at Costco and Wal-Mart and the car doctor… all while preparing to have 25 tweens running around my back yard tonight in the ninety degree heat… you’ll understand if I wait and post in the morning. Won’t you? That is, if I survive the night. Did I mention 25 tweens combined with pizza, popsicles and water balloons. What kind of hell have I created for myself when this is how I spend my anniversary? Only kidding. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I must pick myself up. These balloons are not going to fill themselves.

Happy Anniversary Ray! I wouldn’t dare be on this crazy adventure with anyone but you! Love you!