I have some exciting news. I’m having a hard time sitting on it. I’ve been teasing it. I can’t wait for you to hear it… We have a new little one to pray for. This is Bailin…

Bailin is from China. He has had surgery for his cleft lip and pallet. He is sooooo stinking cute that I can’t stand it!!! Seriously…. look at that face!

Remind you of anyone?

Bailin is from the same area that Jack’s from. Bailin is in fact in Jack’s old orphanage. Bailin has an opportunity that Jack didn’t have. Thanks to Love Without Boundaries, Bailin doesn’t have to live in an orphanage. Bailin has the opportunity to have the love of a foster family. Instead of hanging out in one of those metal cribs, he could have A FAMILY!

These are some of the first pictures I saw of Jack.






I worry a little that some of you have heard too much about Jack. Someday he may not appreciate the fact that I told quite so much about him. The girls may at some point say the same thing. Some of you may be weary of hearing about his progress. I’m giving it one more go… for Bailin. Because if we can help one other child not have the delays and the hurdles that Jack has had in the last seven months, it will be worth it!

This is the first time we met Jack.


I remember thinking he looked surprisingly thick. That would be the fourteen layers of little girl clothes under the winter coat. When I picked him up, I thought, his bones feel hollow. No three year old should be this thin. He didn’t act like any of the other children that were meeting their parents that day. He didn’t cry. He didn’t speak. We never heard him yell, “No!” He was quiet, almost resigned to whatever fate was befalling him. He looked at us and his eyes looked blank. I had high ideas of this wonderful meeting. It was. I’m not sure how I would have reacted if he had screamed like the rest of the children in the room. Seeing him so quiet and so solitary with so many others fighting to go back to their normal scared me a little.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we learned many things about Jack. He had oral aversions…many oral aversions. I don’t think he had ever had truly solid food. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to scream to let us know he only wanted congee, rice and warm milk. If he had to walk further than across the room, he would fall or sit down to rest. He had no idea how to run or jump. Once we got home, he would get on his hands and knees to crawl over the half inch lip from the garage to the driveway.

Jack has come so far. He is actually a chunk now. He loves ice cream and milk is still his favorite drink second only to sweet tea. He runs, he jumps, he actually knows how to play on a playground. Sliding terrified him for the longest time. Now he happily goes down by himself and yells, “My turn!” He is a different kid. God provided him with a family that changed his life and ours for the better. Knowing all this makes it really, really hard to think about approximately 30 other little boys left in the room with the metal cribs. If telling Jack’s story helps even one of them, we will do it over and over again.

Today, I’m excited to have the chance to help one. Bailin needs $840 to keep him in a foster family for one year. $840 is not a whole lot in the scheme of what I spend on each of my kids in a year. That’s all that he needs. So I’m asking… even begging. Could you help? Even giving up $5 that you might have spent on that cup of Starbucks would mean so much for Bailin. It would help a him stay with a family who will love him until he’s ready to find a forever family.

I’ll sweeten the pot for you too. My sweet friend Ginny has offered to send a free printable to anyone who donates $20 or more to Bailin. The more you give, the more prints you can get. There are five of her favorites to choose from…

That’s a pretty sweet deal for helping one little boy a world away live with a family instead of in an institution.

Here’s the flyer Ginny made just for this little fundraiser…

So the details… decide how much you want to give. Make your donation at LWB… In the notes section, make sure you type Brandi Stiff or Ginny Phillips Bailin Project. If you donate more to get the free printable, email us a bailingetsafamily@gmail.com. Tell us your name and which print or prints you would like to have. As soon as we verify your donation, we’ll pass the print along to you.

Finally, when I think about the number of Facebook friends I have, $840 doesn’t seem like a lot. Between Ginny and I, if all of our friends donated just $1, we would have enough money to fund Bailin. The reality is, people skim over this stuff. Please, please, please help us share this fundraiser. Any money that we receive above and beyond the $840 will help another child enter foster care. Tweet it, Facebook it, Blog it… whatever you have to do to help Bailin. Thank you!

I’ll let you know how fast we get the money for Bailin’s foster care. And… LWB said that if we get enough money to sponsor Bailin for the rest of the year, you’ll be able to read updates on him here. I’m so excited. Please help me help Bailin!!!