Just a few notes…

-I’m waiting to hear if we met Bailin’s goal. It’s never too late to donate!

-The kiddos are having a blast at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

-Grandma busted her big TV while watching my media hungry children who know Grandma’s is one of the few places they get too watch cable. Pray for Grandma!

-Only 2 packers showed up today. Around Only 30% of the house is packed. They worked for about 4 hours including lunch. They had to leave because they were out of boxes but there are at least 6 unpacked in the garage right now. This is the first packout in 17 years that I’ve seen Ray truly aggravated. Pray for ray the movers me all of us!

-I thought perhaps someone had peed in the freezer until I remembered a Diet SunDrop exploded about a month ago.

-Grandma took the kids to trade day by herself yesterday. Then they went to the grocery. Then there was swimming. They have big plans again tomorrow. I think Grandma has either lost her mind or she’s bribing them to ask Santa for plane tickets home from the island that I’m not allowed to speak of…

-Ray lost and found his credit card. I’m thankful he found it but I’m also happy
knowing he does sometimes do the same sort of dumb things I do alot of the time.

-in case you can’t tell, I’m blogging from my phone. My giant gorilla thumbs and autocorrect are annoying me. I have no plans to proofread. Just ignore the 2,134 mistakes I’m sure I made.

– Don’t forget Bailin!

-That is all…for now.