Today we drove from Tamms, IL to Paducah, KY then to St. Louis then back to Golo. My butt is quite literally tired. I’m not allowed to complain though because after dropping me off Ray had to drive back to Memphis. Are you still with me?

We have had too many PCS hiccups to recount. From world’s worst packout to our absolutely INSANE schedule. Now it looks like Tucker will be staying at Camp Tye Tye. Important paperwork was accidentally packed. Still, in hindsight, we are seeing so many blessings. Our trip to ship the car went without much of a hitch. We even bumped into the big girls’ music teacher in Mount Vernon, IL of all places.

I’m officially traded the Mom-Mobile for a mule loaded up with kids.

In other news… a friend has offered to host a 31 fundraiser for Bailin. 25% of every purchase will be donated directly to his foster care fees. I’m attaching the link, crossing my fingers that is works and hoping you’ll do some serious shopping! Here you go…

Praying it works. I may have mentioned my big gorilla thumbs don’t go with blogging from my phone…

I’m down Big Mac, a house and mom-Mobile. You may want to stay tuned to the moving misadventure.